30 Tracks in 48hrs = Global Game Jam

This past weekend was the Global Game Jam. Basically, it is an opportunity to get people together to create  games over 48hrs. This year we decided to make a strictly Audio team that would make sound effects and music for all the teams that wanted it.

We made 30 tracks in those 48hrs for 5 different games. We will be posting up some of the tracks, but please check out the games in the links below. It is truly incredible what people can do in 48hrs!






Also a big shout out to Shae Brossard who provided all the sound effects, mixing and mastering. Be sure to check him out!

One thought on “30 Tracks in 48hrs = Global Game Jam

  1. Over 36,000 jammers in 702 sites across 95 countries have created over 7,000 games, meaning that #GGJ17 has broken all of last year’s records and become the newly-crowned Biggest Game Jam Ever.

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