Global Game Jam Game Clips!


This year at the Global Game Jam, Last Hour Productions provided the soundtracks to 5 different teams. In 48hrs we created over 30 tracks that were used in the games the various teams made.

Here are some video clips of the games

First off is Nektons Journey: Exploring an underwater world, you have to use your Sonar to find your way and activate all the crystals to extend your own energy stamina. Legends speak of a giant crystal, in a field of JellyFish, but be careful, as you are losing power every second, and activating crystals is the only way to recharge.


The game developers asked us to create a series of ambient tracks to help create an atmosphere that filled players with wonder and a sense of isolation. We ended up with 3 tracks. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did!



Next up is Evacuation Disorder: The city is under siege from unrelenting tidal waves! Prepare yourself by building barricades and levies to stem the tide and give yourself more time to evacuate the townspeople. Hire workers to speed up construction, and hire Marshals to lead more groups of people to safety. Be quick, and use your resources wisely, because the ocean will swallow everything in it’s path eventually…



The developers asked us for music that would provide intensity and a sense of suspense while the player is in the building stage. 15 seconds before the wave hits the music increases in intensity increasing the feelings of anxiety. After the wave hits the music folds back into a somber track that lets the user reflect on the killings of the civilians.


Next up is Big Treble in little Chyme-Eh: A Wave of crime has swept over the City. Now you, a fine ass cop, need to hit the streets and fight back using the patented Sound Cannon and your stellar knowledge of the Groove. When things look tough, use your funk (gathered by taking down Jive Turkeys) to go deep into the darkness and bring your brand of police justice! Now use the power of your words to take down the bad dudes and bring harmony and justice to the people. Can you dig it?!?


The game developers asked us for a ~30 funk track that would be used in the title screen and in the game play. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the game to play properly but the funk track is still there!


Last up is Alfonso The Bard: You are the local BARD, hired to rescue a local VILLAGE from unhappiness by playing tunes that the locals love! Use the ENTER button to talk to people. When a MUSIC dialog appears, select the music you THINK they will like, followed by space bar. The more FAME you have, the less FUZZY the world is. The more HAPPINESS you generate, the BRIGHTER the village becomes.


For this game we were asked to create several variations of tracks from different genres Latin, Rap, Pop-Rock, classical and chiptune. We also made daytime and night time music that reflects the different “happyness/sadness” of the town.

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