Another 8 channels? With built in compressors? Stop it. Its too much.

Focusrite OctoPre MkII Dynamic!


We have been “making do” with 8 input channels for some time and thanks to  an unnamed  bag of money that appeared (Bags of money are people too!), another 8 pre amp channels appeared in the form of a Focusrite OctoPre MkII Dynamic! 8 input more input channels all with individual compressors on the input. Its almost to much for a few simple musicians to handle.

After a  few ad hoc experiments and we have come to the conclusion that Focusrite makes some amazing sounding pre amps. The compression works as you would expect and is surprising easy to manage. You want a smooshed drum sound? Crank the compression knob. You want a subtle boost on your signal? Lower the knob. Amazing.

This comes just in time as we are planning a 48hr recording session this weekend to prepare for an upcoming “Top Secret” project.

Stay tuned for more! <3


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