We heard y’all were sick and needed a fix

Its been a busy few months and there are plenty of things to talk about, but we know whats really on your mind:

“Where them hot new tracks y’all promised us!?!?”

Well, we are happy to report that 4 new tracks have been uploaded that are guaranteed to stop all that itching and scratching for good. Or at least until our next set of releases. 


“BUT LPH, its so DARK. What happened? Did someone die?”

No no. No one died¹.

But there is a reason of the this change in tone. Its partially to blame for our hiatus. Previously we mentioned a “Top Secret Project” and today we come clean.


A match made in heaven? What kind of heaven we talking about?

[TLDR]: LHP is working together with RedIronLabs on their upcoming title “Abduction Episode 1: Her Name Was Sarah”!

In February we were contacted by RedIronLabs and asked if we could help them with the audio for their upcoming VR Horror release Abduction Episode 1: Her name was Sarah.

At first we was skeptical but the lead developer has a mane of hair so long and luscious he looks like a walking L’Oreal shampoo Ad, so we met up with them to hear what they were working on. But I wasn’t prepared for the madness they were putting down. 

Now this isn’t just any old horror game.

Oh no. The twisted minds at RedIronLabs wanted to take it further.

They weren’t satisfied with the “jump scares” and pop out clowns used in most games.

They wanted more.  

They wanted something that would leave a grim on your teeth; they wanted something that that left you feeling used, displaced, channeling Sophie’s choice, and at the end of this they asked us if we wanted in on it. 

To say that we were pleased with the opportunity is to put it mildly. And so we got to work.

The tracks uploaded are a taste of things to come.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 




¹Well if someone has it ain’t been reported yet.

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